At Hot Stitches we pride ourselves in the quality of our clothing and its functional design. This is reflected in the praise that we receive from many of our clients. Here are some examples of the feedback we have received.


Dear Tina

I have received some feedback from nursing staff regarding the dignity suits which you provide for use on ward 10.

Nursing staff have reported:

  • the ease at which agitated patients on the locked ward can be nursed, without having to be redressed
  • all nursing staff have reported that the suits are “excellent”
  • they maintain the privacy and dignity of patients, which is especially important when family visit
  • the design is such that agitated patients are unable to undo them, no matter how long they persist
  • the patients are kept warm in the winter months, and the shorter versions are ideal for summer time
  • the darker colours are ideal for use on the ward, and are easy to clean/ laundry
  • they last long, which is proven by the good condition ours are still in, despite how old they are

All nursing praised the dignity suits,

Michelle Peters

Occupational Therapist

Bentley Elderly Mental Health Service

Annette M from Bedford who bought the Dignity Suits for her mother Maud who was in the RSL Menora Nursing home:” We had tried other all-in-one suits but they were too bulky. Your suits were very comfortable not restrictive in any way.”

Lisa Shackles nursing at Port Kennedy says : “Your service and the products are very good, the clothes work very well and are practical, look good and provide dignity to the clients.”

Janet and John M from Mandurah who purchased the Dignity Suits for their mother in Bethanie Waters nursing home sent a card which says :” Thanks You have made such a great change to our Mum’s life. The clothes are terrific and she loves the colours.”