Hot Stitches

We are a family-owned business we specialise in comfortable clothing for your loved one.

Made in Australia

Hot Stitches is a family owned business that has been manufacturing clothing for over 28 years in Western Australia.

We got involved with special needs clothing due to an elderly aunt who had dementia and very painful arthritis in her arms and knees. We began to adapt a few garments to help her with the daily task of getting dressed. As her dementia increased and she had to go into a nursing home we soon realised how many folk had the same conditions as Violet.

Although Violet had dementia she still realised when she looked good. At first we adapted her favourite items, because it gave her pleasure to wear familiar things, then we designed more comfortable pants and tops because she was unable to lift her arms and legs.

Soon after we were asked by a local hospital to design a garment for people who removed their clothing at inappropriate times.
Nowadays  our Dignity suits are used by lots of nursing homes  and hospitals all around Australia.

We are passionate about restoring dignity to folk who for whatever reason are unable to care for themselves.
If you have a loved one that has special needs please contact us and we will do our very best for you.

Thanks for visiting Hot Stitches.